The assistant of a person with intellectual disabilities gets free access to different events and hobbies when presenting a Friend Card. The card can be used for example in many theaters, concerts and swimming halls. The card works in places that we have a contract with. The service providers that have made a contract with us can be found at ”service providers” link.

Friend Card is held by a person with intellectual disability and they use it with a person of their choice. The assistant can be a different person each time, but it can not be another person with intellectual disability.

Ystävänkortin kuva.

Applying a friend card

Friend Card is free of charge. Requirements for receiving the card is a diagnose of intellectual disability, delayed development or autism. Appliers home town must also be in collaboration with Friend Card activity.

Towns in collaboration with Friend Card activity:
Alajärvi, Alavus, Evijärvi, Halsua, Ilmajoki, Isojoki, Isokyrö, Kannus, Karijoki, Kaskinen, Kauhajoki, Kauhava, Kaustinen, Korsnäs, Kristiinankaupunki, Kuortane, Kurikka, Laihia, Lappajärvi, Lapua, Lestijärvi, Maalahti, Mustasaari, Närpiö, Perho, Seinäjoki, Soini, Teuva, Toholampi, Vaasa, Veteli, Vimpeli, Vöyri and Ähtäri

A Friend Card must be returned to us immediately, if the owner moves to a town which is not in collaboration with Friend Card Activity. Notify us also if your contact information changes.

You can apply a Friend Card with an application form

Press here to print the application form

You can also get the application form from our office or we can mail it on request.

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