The activities started in 2005 as a pilot project for RAY and became a continuous funding activity for RAY in 2007 while expanding its scope.

Friend Card Activity’s strategy

Friend Card Activity is a non-profit activity. The goal of Friend Card Activity is that people with intellectual disability could participate in activities just as easily as everyone else. We strive to do contracts with service providers as widely as possible, so that everyone would find free-time activities that they like. Every person with intellectual disability has the right to have as normal life as possible and enjoy her/his free-time.

Many people with intellectual disabilities can’t participate in free-time activities without an assistant. By using the Friend Card, the person with intellectual disability pays only for her/his own entrance. Without the card she/he would also have to pay her/his assistant’s entrance. The card increases equality between people with intellectual disabilities and people that doesn’t have any disabilities. Friend Card is held by a person with intellectual disability and she/he use it with a person of her/his choice. The assistant can be a different person each time, but it can’t be another person with intellectual disability.

Our voluntary activity allows people with intellectual disability to find a friend who has no intellectual disabilities. Social contacts will increase, and loneliness reduce with the help of the new friend. Everyone needs a friend, no matter if you have a disability or not.

Friend Card Activity’s values

Customer orientation
Friend Card Activity is based on our customers needs. We make sure that everybody´s voice is heard. We do our best to fill our customers wishes.

We value everyone equally despite their personal traits. We treat everyone with respect.

Changing prejudices
We try to remove prejudices against people with intellectual disabilities. We give people reliable information about intellectual disabilities in different events, trainings and when we are presenting our activity for groups of people.

We are reliable and honest. We respect our obligation of confidentiality, so customers can tell us about their issues safely. We do what we promise.

See the Friend Card Holders Registry (.pdf, Adobe Reader).

See the Friend Card Service Provider Registry (.pdf, Adobe Reader).

Registrar’s description:
Friend card controller description