Ystäväpari puiston penkillä.

Volunteers in friend card activity have completed our volunteer course. Friends do fun things together, they can for example go to the movies, go for a walk or get a cup of coffee together. Volunteering is done according to the volunteer’s own schedule, for example 1-2 meetings per month. The volunteer cannot be another person with intellectual disabilities.

After the volunteer course the voluntary friend fills in a form where he/she can determine what kind of friend he/she would prefer. Also a friend with intellectual disabilities fills in a similar form. Based on the answers written in the forms, Friend Card Activity’s coordinators finds two people with similar interests.

Friend Card Activity’s coordinator will participate at the first meeting between the new friends. At the first meeting friends get to know each other and set ground rules to the friendship.

Using Friend Card in voluntary work

Friend Card is held by a person with intellectual disabilities and friends can use it together when they are participating in different activities. The person with intellectual disabilities pays hers/his entrance fee normally and her/his volunteer friend gets free entrance. It’s good to remind the person with intellectual disabilities about the card. She/he  may not always remember to use it or doesn’t know how to.

Friend course

  • The course spans four evenings or one day of intensive training. The course includes also a visit to a unit that offers living services for people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Course and the materials are free of charge.
  • After the course the participants receive a certificate. It is possible for students to earn course credits from the friend course and voluntary work.
  • Participants decides after the course if they are willing to start voluntary work.
  • The volunteer is required to have at least basic knowledge of either finnish or swedish.

Men and women of all ages are welcomed as volunteers.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to be a voluntary friend. Volunteering is meaningful and It is really appreciated!