Trained volunteers that act as a friend, remember that the Friend Card is provided to the intellectually disabled and you can use it together. When you go to a leisure activity that has signed up with the Friend Card program, the intellectually disabled person pays their own entrance fee and you will get free entry. This will equalize access for people with intellectual disabilities so they will not always have to pay two entry fees to participate activities. Ask for the card if the person with intellectual disability does not present it or does not know how to tell about it.

Information of the training courses for those wanting to volunteer to be friends with people with intellectual disabilities:

  • The course spans four evenings or one day of intensive training. The course includes also a visit to a unit that offers living services.
  • Participation on the course is free of charge. The trainers are qualified and have a long-time experience as a trainer.
  • Graduates receive a certificate. The training and the volunteering can earn you course credits.
  • Volunteer is required to have at least basic knowledge of either finnish or swedish.

The trainee can determine what kind of friend he or she wants. Similarly, people with intellectual disabilities who wish to have a friend can determine what kind of friend they want and what they would like to do with the friend. Volunteering is done according to the volunteer’s own schedule, for example 1-2 meetings a month.

Volunteering is meaningful and It is really appreciated! Having a friend with intellectual disabilities can give you new life-enriching experiences and perspectives that you might not otherwise have found.

Men and women of all ages are welcomed as volunteers. Most times people who wish to have a friend wish for the friend to be of the same sex and close the same age.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to volunteer as a friend or if you are willing to work for temporary help with camp or other events.