The purpose is to enable a friends/support persons free entry to leisure activities such as the theatre, concerts, the cinema, swimming, sports competitions and events, trips and different types of sports and cultural events with a person with an intellectual disability.

kansikuva 2The Friend Card is in the possession of the person with an intellectual disability and uses it with the friend/support person. A record is kept of the cards and they are personal. (Note: the supporting person can also be someone other than a volunteering support person trained by the Friend Activity).

The card allows a possession of the person with an intellectual disability to take part in different services as an equal. A person with such intellectual disability cannot leave for leisure activities without an assistant, and if he/she needs to cover the assistants expenses as well, the ticket price is always doubled for him/her.

In the Friend Card activity, the person with the intellectual disability pays for his/her own expenses and his/her support person/assistant gets in free with the card. The support person makes the participation possible.


As trained volunteering friends, please remember that Friend Card is a card delivered to the person with the intellectual disability, and you can then use it together, so you will not have your own card, but the free entry applies to you. This is to prevent misuse and to give the person with an intellectual disability independent decision-making power.

Ask for the card if the person with an intellectual disability does not know how to present it him/herself or does not know that he/she possesses it.

Please remember that the usage benefit of the Friend Card applies to any assistant/friend/sibling/parent/grandparent of a person with an intellectual disability.


Check Service Providers (link on top in Finnish and Swedish pages). It shows all the services for which a friend can participate with the Friend Card. New service providers can also be found outside of our operating area.

In our operations, we look for partners who are interested in developing the equal participation of people with intellectual disabilities in the services provided by society. The participating service providers will receive public positive attention. We thank all participating service providers!


Ask for an application form at the office. You will also receive an application guide and information about the required appendices (photograph). The card is free. You can also print out the application form from here and send it to the office:

Application form:    English

A name, a passport picture, social security number, address, phone number and email address (if applicable) are required for the card. If the card holders address or other information changes, the Friend Card agency must immediately be informed.

If the card becomes irrelevant (e.g., a move outside the operating municipalities or death), it must immediately be returned to the Friend Card agency.

Please contact the office if you have further questions concerning the Friend Card or if you wish to receive a Friend Card.

Contact information:

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Office worker
Hanna Sepponen (out of office until 2.1.2020)
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